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"HarperCollins Christian Publishing has been a supporter of the  Christian Product Exposition since its inception.  As a trade show focused on the Christian products industry, CPE knows what it takes to drive success.  HCCP is proud to be a supporter of the Christian Product Exposition and will continue to support its efforts as the show continues to grow and serve the international market."

Tom Knight, Sr. Vice President, Sales, HCCP



"It doesn't matter which city the CPE show is held in, you just go.  You go to support the industry and our new trade organization.  You go to support the vendors who are there for us during these trying times.  You go to support the other stores that are attending.  If we can't support each other, who else is going to do it?  We need to stick together, we need to work together.  CPE is a family event - our Christian retailing family."

Rachel Savage, Watermark Christian Store


"It was our first time exhibiting at CPE and it was nothing short of a great experience!  The attendees were amazing, such a welcoming and fun group of buyers.  Our line of handmade necklaces was well received and we were able to welcome several Christian stores to our family of retailers."

Shari Anderson, Eleanor & Grayce

"It is always a blessing to see everyone and be around other believers.  The added benefit of strong sales like we saw at CPE is an extra blessing.  Thank you Munce for helping us reach retailers with the powerful products."

Les Jones, Genesis Marketing

"This will be our 13th year of attending CPE.  I am able to meet and work with the vendors on a more personal level. I have a system of writing the bulk of my purchase orders ahead of time and then fine tuning them with the rep during our one on one time. This has allowed me to easily reach the top tier of reimbursement. The process for reimbursement is so simple that I turn it in before I leave the show and get reimbursed in a timely matter. In the end though, what can be more important than, taking a break from your store and spending a few days in the company of other Christian store owners. There is real power in the personal friendships and great community that happens with our CPE family."

Nancy Ford, Words of Wisdom

"The CPE Winter show exceeded our expectations this year.  We had a great turnout and positive response from everyone.  The Munce Group was fantastic and made for a really great show!"

Stephen Lipham,

International/US Sales Rep, OM Ships & High Discount Books

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